The Best Quality Human Hair Wigs

When we started this wig-making journey in 2019, the main focus was providing the best lace wigs at the best price, but we quickly found out that with human hair sourced from Asia, there are many complexities.

Our initial supplier in China provided a price list that had grades of 7A - 12A, during the sampling process, we found there was minimal difference between these hair grades, they lacked shine, bounce and some couldn't even hold a curl.

Fast forward to 2024, I can confidently say that the best quality human hair wigs are made from Raw unprocessed hair and don't have any grades. Our raw hair is sourced from Vietnam and we have had zero complaints.

We understand that not everyone can afford Raw hair and some people buy affordable processed hair from Ali Express. But for those seeking quality and hair that will last many years, check out our Raw human hair wigs and be blown away.

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