The Most Realistic Human Hair Wigs

Lace-front wigs are popular for different reasons. They offer the ability to switch your look for fashion or medical hair loss due to alopecia. "Lace front" refers to a small piece of transparent lace on the front of the wig, and each strand of hair is tied by hand. This gives a more realistic look than wigs without a lace front.

There are other factors to consider in creating a natural-looking wig.

Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair:

For a wig to look Natural it must be made of Human Hair, synthetic hair comes across as stiff and cannot be styled with extreme heat, it also cannot be Colored. At The Hair Site, we only sell 100% human hair wigs for a more natural look.

Lace Quality and Density:

The thinner the lace the more realistic it is; the most realistic wigs are made with HD LACE which is thinner than Swiss lace. However, note that the thinner the lace the shorter the life span. Even though Thin HD lace is more realistic it will require replacement sooner than Swiss lace.

Lace Color

Regardless of the thickness of the lace, At the Hair Site, we encourage our dark-skinned customers to tint the lace of their human hair wigs to match their skin. For example, if you have a transparent lace wig or light brown lace wig and you are dark-skinned, you will need to darken it using any good quality Lace Tint to match your skin tone, this is a game changer are will make your wigs look more realistic.

Customization Options:

A well-plucked hairline is more realistic and natural-looking than a dense one. At the Hair site, we customize all our wigs, this includes plucking and bleaching the knots to make them look more natural.

In conclusion, a natural-looking wig will be made with human hair and have a customized lace front that matches your skin tone.

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