Unlocking Your Best Look: Frontal vs. Closure Wigs

Lace-front wigs provide women the freedom to change their looks whether for fashion reasons or due to medical reasons which caused hair loss. Many wig options are available, and for a beginner, choosing the ideal wig might get very confusing.

There are frontal wigs and closure wigs to simplify the wig options that exist in terms of Lace type. Both have their benefits and we will explore those in detail, let's get right into it.

Frontal Wigs

Frontal wigs are made with a lace frontal that extends from the left ear to the right ear, creating a natural-looking hairline.  They are available in different sizes, the most common sizes are the 13 x 4 and 13 x 6 lace frontal. At The Hair Site, we prefer the 13 x 6 lace frontal because it allows for a deeper parting space.

The lace frontal is placed in front of the wig while the rest of the wig at the back is made of a wig cap where the hair extensions are sewn on.

Even though the lace frontal wigs are realistic in terms of the hairline, they are high maintenance and are not beginner friendly, most of the time they need to be glued down for a perfect fit, in other instances, they can be worn as a glueless wig but the ear tabs will still need to be secured else it might not look realistic. They are also more expensive than closure wigs.  Some women prefer frontal wigs for events or special occasions where they want to look their best.

Closure Wigs

Closure wigs are made with a small lace system on a dome wig cap with the hair extensions sewn on either using a machine or by hand. The main benefit of a closure wig is that they are low maintenance and can be worn glueless. There are many sizes of closures in the market ranging from the small 2 x 6 Kim K lace closures to the large 6 x 6 Mini frontals.

In addition, with the right type of lace placement, bigger lace closures wigs (6 x 6 and 7 x7) can look just as realistic as a frontal wig.

At the hair site, our clients prefer the bigger lace closures as we have perfected the art of making them as realistic as the frontal wigs

Closure wigs also have a longer life span than frontal wigs and are better for everyday use. They are also more affordable than frontal wigs.

In making your choice, consider your styling abilities, needs, and budget to guide you in choosing the right wig for you.

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